no recipe post

Hello, friends. Heh…heh. I’m walking away slowly as I picture you all chasing me with flaming brooms and red-hot pokers and small boulders.

Where have I been?

Heh, well, you see, I’ve, well…it’s this way. AGAIN. My sister got married! Whoop whoop. And, y’all, I made seven cakes for the event. Yep! She wanted lots of different kinds. It took several days and, actually, not a lot of stress, but very little sleep. It was REALLY fun, baking for hours and hours and rushing the cakes around to random refrigerators in Columbia, and having my husband carry me around in the back of his parents’ SUV while I pretended to be Duff, carefully carrying cakes for someone more important than the president, listening to Christmas music and getting arm cramps. No, seriously, it WAS SUPER fun. I’ll have to post recipes and pictures later after I upload them all.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of my husband and me making Saturday morning breakfast.

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